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Webinar : "GETTING STARTED WITH DATA DISCOVERY: Challenges & How to overcome them."

We are inviting you to our upcoming webinar "GETTING STARTED WITH DATA DISCOVERY: Challenges & How to overcome them."

Organizations collect enormous amounts of personal data, unaccounted, unprotected, and scattered across multiple IT systems.

60% of companies estimate half or more of their organization's data is dark data.

The challenge is familiar, and this webinar will cover the most pressing questions:
-What are the right questions to ask before you start with data discovery?
-What are the most common challenges in the process?
-How to choose the right approach to data discovery?
-Can you really TRUST your data?

Don't miss the first webinar out of our webinar series around data discovery and classification and learn more about effectively protecting personal data within your Company.

-Educational webinar
-Valuable content
-Limited number of attendees


Marijan Bračić, Data Privacy Director @Data Privacy Manager
Marijan Bračić is the pioneer of privacy automation at scale and Data Privacy Manager product owner and creator, helping companies comply with privacy regulations across the globe. Marijan is also a member of the Forum for Cybernetics and Data Security of the National Council for Digital Economy in Croatia, an advisory body for the digital transformation process in the economy.

Ana-Marija Petric, Head of Research @Data Privacy Manager
Ana-Marija Petric is the Head of Research in Data Privacy Manager with over 15 years of experience in AI and data. She graduated in Linguistics at the University of Oxford. Ana-Marija is specialized in the field of Natural Language Processing and the application of machine learning in privacy protection. Today, she is in charge of building proprietary technologies and approaches to data protection and compliance automation.

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